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Turbos 613-868-6801

Used Turbochargers

Turbos are very expensive to replace but can last up to 350 000 km if the vehicle was properly maintained. We have had a small demand for used turbochargers and we often have in our possession turbochargerss that are in great condition. 

We now offer used turbochargers for all makes and models. Please contact prior to ordering as inventory fluctuates daily. 

All our used turbochargers will come with a Guarantee that there will be no major defects that would rend the turbo unfit for use. We perform a series of tests and use special inspection  cameras along with measuring tools to make sure you will receive a good turbo.  

Don't buy from an unknown source and receive another turbo with a different set of problems. Take the guessing game out when buying a used turbo and buy from the pros.

Contacts the pros, contact Turbo Parts Canada Inc. 

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